Hands & Nails: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Hi everyone! Long time, no see — I wonder if I will ever manage to stick to a regular posting schedule! Probably not; my whole life is perpetually erratic, why should my blog be any different?

Tonight’s post is going to be about a lovely little gem I’ve stumbled across quite by chance in the world of nail care. As you may or may not know, I’m in a constant battle with myself to stop biting my bloody nails (!!!) and I’ve been searching far and wide for a product that will be able to help me in my quest. Last weekend, my friend Georgia offered to do my nails for me with her Sensationail gels and UV light, as it’s really helped her with growing her nails. Unfortunately for me it didn’t quite work and they started to chip and peel off within a day — honestly, I don’t know what I put my nails and hands through that batters them so much! However, I did like the hardening effect of the gels, so I had a bit of a google and I found this — Miracle Gel Top Coat by Sally Hansen.


The more I read about Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel range, the more I liked the sound of it: the range claims to work like professional gel nails, but for a cheaper price and without the aid of a UV light, therefore working much more quickly! I even read posts that claimed that the top coat works well with regular nail varnishes. It sounded amazing, so I decided to give it a go. My bank balance is currently crying as it desperately clings to what little it has left, and I still have an expensive weekend in Manchester ahead of me, so I decided to try the top coat on its own; I figured if it didn’t work for me, it’d make a pretty durable top coat, and if it did work, I can always purchase some Miracle gel colours once I’m further in the green!

The bottle is really lovely and sturdy (nothing less than I’d expect for a tenner!) It’s bigger than most of my other nail polishes in size at least — not sure about the actual amount of liquid. It also feels quite ~professional~ which I liked, I felt like a right pro when I was using it.

The consistency is just right, not too thick and gloopy but not too runny either, no chance of it dribbling all over your fingers (or worse, your mum’s best sofa cushions, which I admit I’ve accidentally done before –oops!). It also has a flat brush, which is really handy for a neat application, reminding me of Barry M’s Speedy Quick Dry range. It does have a strong chemical smell, which isn’t off-putting for me particularly, but something to mention nevertheless.

I’ve used it twice now: once over a dark nail polish from Lottie London and once over bare nails to test for shine. When I applied a colour first, there was a little bit of colour transfer on the clean white brush initially, but that had gone by the next time I used it, telling me that if you frequently use this over regular nail polish colours, the clear liquid might become a bit dirty and tainted — so proceed with caution!

Please ignore my gross, grubby, short nails — I tried my best!

Applied over bare nails, you can see the subtle shine effect it has on the surface of the nail. I have other top coats that are shinier, but I quite like this effect as it’s not overly shiny or glossy — just enough to improve the look of the nail, making them appear healthier.

The texture the gel left on the nail was the main difference. Other nail polishes and top coats leave the nail with a hard, lacquer-like surface, whereas this adds a softer layer. It takes a much longer time to dry (not a big deal over bare nails but fingerprints occurred over the colour polish even after drying for fifteen minutes), and it adds a softer, more pliable layer to the nail. This felt really weird at first because I was used to a more solid feeling, but it’s actually really great because it allows the gel to “bounce back” if it gets knocked or bumped, meaning the nail stays looking smooth for longer.

Overall, I’m glad I invested in this! I change my nails up quite often so I don’t have much to say in terms of durability or wear, but I will say that my nails feel quite strong and tough already, so there’s a plus!

***On the cruelty-free side of matters, there are some pretty nasty things available to read in regards to Sally Hansen and animal testing (site: 1 and 2; ctrl+f ‘Sally Hansen’ for mentions). However, while these are the most recent results from a standard Google search of “Sally Hansen cruelty free”, each are at least a year old, so their standards in those respects are a little hazy. The FAQ section on their website claims they do not test on animals or commission any third party to do so on their behalf, therefore I’m happy to buy from them, at least while I’m educating myself further in regards to cruelty-free products.***

Have you tried Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section, check out my social media links in the sidebar for a follow-back, and thank you for reading!


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